Metaline Falls

Metaline Falls,WA #2Metaline Falls,pop.238,is in the farthest northeast corner of Washington, 10 miles from Canada,49 miles from Colville(big town shopping) and 90 miles from Spokane(big city shopping). It has a grocery,restaurant,tavern,K-12 school,library,a 158-seat performance hall, a golf course($2 green fees!) and is the smallest town in the US to have a first run movie theater. NPR comes in at 91.1 on KPBX from Spokane. It sits in a beautiful location 100 ft. above the Pend Oreille river between the two highest peaks in Eastern Washington.


Oakesdale,pop.422,sits in the northern part of the Palouse,sitting in the middle of some of the most beautiful farmland in the world. It is 42 miles  south of Spokane(big city shopping), 16 miles north of Colfax(big town shopping),the Idaho border is 9 miles east and Steptoe Butte, a very prominent hill that rises 1200ft. above the Palouse and attracts photographers from all over the world with a road to the top is 7 miles south. There is a grocery with the friendliest grocer(Mike),a K-12 school,a library(Whitman County System),a bank and in the summer a public swimming pool($1!).You can get all the Spokane and Pullman radio stations which includes 4 Public Radio stations.


Oakesdale,WA #2


Lacrosse,pop.313,sits in perfect isolation at the western edges of the Palouse and the southern half of the Channeled Scablands,it is 15 miles from the Snake River and 50 miles north of the Blue Mts. There is a grocery,restaurant,tavern,bank(Umpqua),K-12 school,library(Whitman County System) and in the warm summer months a public swimming pool. NPR can be heard at 1250AM from KWSU in Pullman. Big town shopping is 30 miles away in Colfax and big city shopping is in either the Tri-Cities or Spokane,both 85 miles away.